Welcome to Living Technologies where we only offer the best highest quality neutraceuticals, botanicals, homeopathic, and energetic tinctures and supper food supplements for your optimal health!


Living Technologies connects you with high-quality neutraceuticals, botanicals, homeopathic, energetic tinctures, superfoods and transformative essences at the best possible value. 



We are a partnership of the best of Mother Nature along with two practitioners: Chris Robideaux SEO ~ (Freelance Writer) and Sonia Novick Top (Medical Intuitive and Wellness Consultant).



 Our headquarters are located in a sacred space in Ashland Oregon.

We will continue to bring for THE PRIMMER SUPER FOOD and SUPPLEMENTATION to you our customers and clients.



Our WHY" is to bring forth to our consumer the very best Living Technologies Mother Nature has to offer us in their purest form....

Our e-commerce platform was designed in mind for the health conscious Consumers to gain access to NATURE PURE product lines we carry here on our platform.

Our Standards for what supplement lines we carry: Only supplements or superfoods that have NO FILLERS, NO BINDERS, just THE PURITY of each substance untainted.  


We support every human beings immune system BECAUSE THIS IS EVERY HUMANS BIRTHRIGHT!


Our aim is to provide Mother Natures Solutions as she intended to bring forth to humanity: we firmly believes this earth naturally provides "Living Technologies" as solutions to many of the toxic issues we face today in our environment! Please contact us if you have any questions regarding any of our health products featured in individual categories.

Enough said please visit each page category and place your orders with confidence and assurity  that all our products have the highest quality and value!

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