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Living Technologies connects you with high-quality superfoods and transformative essences at the best possible value. We are a partnership of the best of Mother Nature along with two practitioners: Chris Robideaux SEO ~ (Freelance Writer) and Sonia Novick Top (Medical Intuitive and Wellness Consultant). Our headquarters are located in a sacred space in Ashland OR


Brown Giand Kelp Seaweed Our newest product line, is a "Superfood from the Sea" -- a pristine wildcrafted brown seaweed extract that is rich in organic iodine, alginate, fucoidan, beta-glucan polysaccharides, and trace minerals. It is a powerful way to detoxify from heavy metals, radioactive elements, free radicals, and toxins, boost the immune system, decrease high blood sugar and cholesterol, inhibit the growth of tumor cells, help those who are overweight, and improve the structure and growth of hair and nails. Packaged as a concentrated powder in glass jars for greatest economy, it is a mild-tasting, yet flavorful, seafood treat.

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